Qualicum Car Share

If you are handy to downtown Qualicum Beach and:
  • don’t own a car but need the use of one once in a while,
  • own a car but would like to get rid of it,
  • have a second car that you only use once in a while, or
  • don’t need a car every day

we can help you.

As someone who doesn’t need, in my case, a second car daily but does need one sometimes, the thousands of dollars it costs to own and operate that car is something I now avoid.
The cost of car ownership . . .
The cost of a very frugal 2001 Corolla I owned from new worked out like this.  Depreciation averaged about $2,000 per year and insurance/licence added another $1,000.  It was a very reliable car but things like tires, brakes, battery, oil changes, and as it got older, a few repairs, are about $1,000 per year.  I didn’t drive it that much, so a tank of fuel would last about 2 weeks.  25 tanks of fuel in a year at $50 each is another $1,250.  That is $5,250 per year or $437.50 per month.   Obviously there are more expensive cars but I doubt there are any that are cheaper to own and operate.  Most people don’t own cars as long as this so their annual depreciation would be more.
So what that amounts to is driving a car costs at least $100 per week.  It would be more if there are financing costs involved, if you drive more than I do or if you drive a newer or more expensive car.
The cost of car sharing . . .
Now that we have a car in Qualicum Beach we can see what costs of use are based on what we see at the Nanaimo CarShare website.
This is the price list:
Here are actual costs from my June 2016 invoice:
I made several trips to drive my granddaughter to school.  I drove to pick her up in Qualicum and took her to Oceanside School in French Creek.  I had the car for an hour and drove 20 km.  The cost was $12.32 plus gst/pst.
On Saturday mornings I take my granddaughters out.  An example was June 18.  I had the car for 4 hours and 15 minutes and drove 35 km.  The cost, before tax, was $29.96.
On June 30 I took the car to Nanaimo for the day.  I had it from 9 am to 5 pm and drove it 98 km.  The bill, before tax, was $60.20.
My bill for the month had $2.05 added for fuel fluctuation charges and some of these included the $2 admin fee that is charged on the first 3 trips of the month.
I did quite a bit of driving and the cost was reasonable.
Can car sharing fly in Qualicum Beach?
We are about to find out.  As of June 15, 2016, we have a car in Qualicum, it is ready to for you to use.
We are looking for members who need to use our coop car in Qualicum Beach.  If that interests you, please contact me, Ken Walker, at  kgw@lunar.ca for more information.
Want to know more?
Check these links:
Nanaimo CarShare: http://nanaimocarshare.ca/
Car sharing in Vancouver and Victoria: http://www.modo.coop/
Can’t be done in Qualicum?  Coast Car Coop on the Sunshine Coast has 3 vehicles in Gibsons, population 4,100, one in Sechelt and one in Roberts Creek: http://www.coastcarco-op.ca/
Kootenay Car Share Coop: http://www.carsharecoop.ca/
and especially their News link: http://carsharing.org/news/

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