I have a series of old photos of the area where I live  that were provided by Matt James displayed in my home. I am working on taking current photos of the same locations today.  I would be happy to hear if I can improve the accuracy of the current images. Here are the ones I have had some progress with:

Drag the vertical bar to the left or right to compare the images.

 Qualicum Beach E&N Railway station

Some of the differences between these to images, taken perhaps 90 years apart are:
  • probably many years ago, the freight shed was about doubled in size
  • I think I need to move to the left and back up a bit in the new image judging by the angle of the roof lines of the main building
  • As near as I can tell all of the old trees are gone and none of the trees in the new picture are in the old one.
  • To coincide properly, I think the new image needs a bit more coverage to the left of the building.
  • On the right side, I think it is about right recognizing that the building is longer.
  • A better image for the old photo may improve things.
  • A google street view image of the same location is here.

Qualicum from “The Lookout” looking east

These images are not a perfect match.  The building in the old image is gone.  It is now a town owned parking lot near the Shady Rest. It is to the left of the building in the new image.

  • The line of rocks running out from the beach is interesting.  Legend has i that it is a pre-euro fishing weir.
  • New image to be updated.

Pre 1895 Circus comes to town in Nanaimo

This is the google image that I think matches this photo/

There are several more to follow.